Welcome & thanks!

Welcome & thanks!

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Thank you - I write to try to share what I'm observing, learning and thinking about, so that we better address the big challenges in the world, together.

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The Relational Field
Musings on the importance of the quality of relationships in the context of social labs and social innovation programs TLDR;Building community is an end in itself, and one of the best factors to increase the health and resilience of systems.Building relationships shouldn’t be left to ’happen along t…
How We Use Experiments To Drive Insights
In this article, I outline how we developed an impact evaluation framework, and an experimentation practice which drove our ability to rapidly gain insight.
Portfolio approaches to change: emerging patterns and resources
This post focuses on the recent advancements in a ‘portfolio’ approach to change work which is happening across multiple organisations, and is an interesting signal in a move away from planning-based approaches.

Or you could head on over to my Resources page where there's various open source resources which may support you in your own inquiries.

Resources 📚
I strongly believe that to help good go faster, we should publish as much as possible into the Commons, so we can learn together at speed. Published ResourcesThis is a list of resources I’ve been involved in publishing, or published myself, which are freely available. Experimentation as Research - G…