Return to the Fray

Return to the Fray

At the turn of the year I felt a strong call to return to work on biodiversity & climate.

I'm delighted to say that at the end of the month, I will be rejoining Conservation Volunteers (Australasia's largest conservation volunteering organisation), as Manager of Communications & Marketing.

I worked with CV across Australia and New Zealand from 2008 to 2013, as a team leader and regional manager. I really enjoyed my time with CV and was sad to leave to pursue other ventures, yet my experiences in social entrepreneurship, tech and social labs have built my ability to deliver greater impact in the environmental space.

I'm excited for this next chapter, because I can't imagine working on anything other than biodiversity loss and climate change in this era of environmental and climate emergency. Rejoining CV gives me the opportunity to bring my experience back to the sector, and work with the senior leadership team to design and deliver new models of community engagement to address the urgent need to regenerate our land and oceans.

I hope to be able to leverage my experience and interests across systems change, collective action, communities of practice & purpose, emergent strategy, impact evaluation, and foreground the stories of volunteers, community-based conservation projects, indigenous people, progressive funders and non-human life.

I'll undoubtedly find a way to keep sharing fieldnotes from this next expedition, so hit subscribe if you want to get the odd update.

My first days of CV in 2008