Farewell Medium?

Articles May 8, 2019

Since 2013, I've been primarily writing on Medium.com as my main channel for posting out into the world about things I'm working on and thinking about.

In that time, Medium has changed. Lately, it's done the path I really hoped it wouldn't - encouraging people to paywall their writing.

I understand that Medium needs to find a sustainable business model, but for a company which was so adamant in the early days that they wouldn't go the route of advertising, they've ended up in a place which stifles the sharing of ideas and knowledge for people who can't afford $5 a month to be a member?

But, that's just a coffee, right?

Well, if you live in the deeply privileged world of developed nations, and live in the top 50% or so of income earners, perhaps.

So for awhile now I've been persisting with Medium - intentionally keeping my writings outside the paywall, freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection (you can read all the things I've ever written on Medium here).

What I see when I log into Medium - everything is Member-only links, pushing me to create a membership.

Yet over the last 6 months or so, I've noticed Medium getting more and more pushy with their sign in / create a membership popups, and their pushing of member-only content. It feels like exposing people who want to read my work to all this Medium-centric advertising, is becoming ethically dubious. I actually don't suggest people become a Medium member - I'm not.

So it felt like time for a clean break - to do what Medium told us we shouldn't - start our own personal blogs again. So this new site, built on open source publishing technology, Ghost.org, is where I will primarily publish from now on. I may still repost to Medium, but I've not decided on that yet.

You can still hit subscribe below, and I believe that will get you an email alert each time I add a new post, or you can follow me on twitter where I'll share new posts as well.


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